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Are you looking for a website where you can compare different car insurance quotes? Most of us will face this decision when buying a new car or when renewing our auto insurance yearly. Auto insurance companies should really make it easy for us to find their pesky terms and conditions, but they don’t. Many fancy commercials and shiny ads can sway you away from reading the obnoxious fine print in your insurance contract. After hours of countless research, and reading tons of comments and reviews, I came up with the following list of companies where you can find the best place for car insurance quotes. Without further ado, here is the top 10 companies to buy auto insurance from in 2018. Hope you find something that is cheap and valuable to you and your car.  #10 GEICO geico best car insurance company “15 MINUTES COULD SAVE YOU 15% OR MORE ON CAR INSURANCE.” Gosh. Isn’t that ad ingrained into all of our minds already? You gotta give it to the GEICO Marketing team, they really now how to make a statement. And they definitely have some of the best insurance rates that I’ve seen. GEICO is a powerful household name with a very good reason: they have excellent customer support and know a thing or two about car insurance. I, The Insurance Nerd, calculated an average premium of $1,356 for a regular car nationwide. That price comes among the cheapest insurance quotes found in the US. The monthly premium comes to $113. Moreover, GEICO also gives several discounts to reduce that premium based on eligibility. For example, motorist who haven’t had an accident in 5 years are eligible for the “good driver” discount of up to 26%. If you bundle up and insured more than just one car, you can also save up on your premium. Even getting good grades in school can score you up to 15% off on certain coverages. #9 USAA usaa insurance company This one is a great choice if you are a member or former member of the military. With an stellar customer service rating, USAA has won the hearts of many Americans over the years. At just $943 per year, USAA offers one of the most inexpensive car insurance rates in the country. USAA serves anyone in the military and their relatives. They have coverage in every one of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. Similarly as with the other providers, you can shave up some dollars out of your insurance quote by having a clean 5-year record and also passing a defensive driving course. #8 Progressive progressive insurance company Progressive is another highly rated insurance company. The rates quoted by Progressive were an average of $2,930 per car per year, which is more than GEICO, State Farm and USAA. But you shouldn’t be deterred from quoting from Progressive just by their relatively higher insurance premium. My favorite perk of Progressive is that everything can be managed through their online portal. That means bye to all the printed paperwork and long agent calls. Yes, you can even sign all the documents digitally. #7 Allstate insurance company allstate Not a popular choice among drivers, Allstate does have a higher premium coming in at $3,307 (or $275 monthly). However, the company is entitled to that higher cost given that their service according to various rating websites is A+ with a very low complain ratio. The top discounts offered by Allstate are: safe driver discount, accident-free history discounts that can go as long as five years. #6 Amica Car Insurance amica auto insurance Amica is one of the leading insurance companies in the US. The price average I got from their website was about $2,795 which comes out to about $232/mo. Not too bad, but still not the cheapest rate out there. You can save if you have Anti-theft protection in your car, if you drive defensively and if you get more than one line of insurance with them. They also offer loyalty incentives if you stay with them for more than 2 years.   #5 State Farm jake from state farm auto insurance Ahh, Jake from State Farm. What would we do without him. State Farm is another powerhouse when it comes to nationwide car insurance. Established in 1922, this insurance company has passed the test of time and still delivers solid value for your money. They also hold the largest market share in the US, serving every single state from California to Florida and even Washington. With an average quote of $2,192 annually, it’s a bit pricier than GEICO but still relatively cheap compared to other providers. Similarly to GEICO, policyholders can significantly reduce their costs by doing many qualifying activities, one of them being having no points in their license. The State Farm website shows 4 different discounts that you can take advantage of. #4 Mercury mercury auto insurance firm Mercury is a popular car insurer in California, coming in at 4th place in terms of market size. The company also offers insurance in 10 other states including Nevada, Texas, Arizona and New York. The reviews online say mixed comments so it seems more like a toss up, but at $1,860 per year it may not be too bad after all. Just look at how badass those agents in all black look. #3 New Jersey Manufacturers NJM njm car insurance company NJM serves only two states: Pennsylvania and New Jersey. If you are lucky enough to be located there, then this insurance company might be a good option for you. With a quote of just $1,560, the New Jersey Manufacturers insurance company certainly offers a good deal when it comes to getting your auto insured. The monthly premium of just $130 covers accident damages, car theft and a slew of other inconveniences. They also offer business, condo and home renters insurance. #2 Ameriprise Financial AMERIPRISE-insurance-car-company A spin-out of American Express, Ameriprise became an independent company to better serve its customers. They have been in business for over a century and have more than 2M clients. Ameriprise’s auto insurance products are in only 14 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee. If you complete the online form for car insurance, you will see a quote around the $2,201 figure. A big plus with this company is that they offer one of the best discounts when it comes to being loyal and having tenure with them. #1 Erie Insurance ERIE INSURANCE LOGO Erie Indemnity Company is a very sound choice when it comes to protecting your auto. The average quote amount is $2,405 per year. They offer some extra perks that are not offered by many other companies such as: pet injury coverage, accident forgiveness, and diminishing deductibles (a deductible that reduces each year by $100 if you don’t file a claim). Erie operates in the following 12 states: North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee. How to save money while shopping for car insurance Find multiple insurance quotes The single best way to get a lower rate on your car insurance is to shop around. The more quotes that you get the more bargaining power you can have over the insurance agent on the other side of the phone. You may also opt to work with an insurance broker to help you with getting multiple quotes. Since they are more experienced, they can speed up the process much quickly. Often times, they also might have access to exclusive deals. Actively look for discounts The next tip is to ask for discounts. Tell your broker your exact needs and ask for any potential discounts you may qualify, you will be surprised but more often than not you can score at least 5% of your policy very easily. You can also install the chrome extension Honey to search for discount codes and coupons on all the popular sites listed above. Here’s a short list of common qualifying discounts that most firms will offer: • Multiple policies with the same company • Anti-theft security devices • Defensive driving lessons • Low annual mileage • College students living away from home • Drivers ed courses • Long-time customer (Loyalty) • More than one car • No accidents in three/five years • No moving violations in three/five years • Student drivers with good grades (usually B grade or above) Pick a higher deductible for a lower rate While this option might not make sense for everyone, if you are comfortable with paying more out-of-pocket should any accident occur then you can lower your rate that way. Make sure that you can cover the deductible before you agree to it. Bundle up and save across Most of the companies listed above offer not just car insurance but also home insurance and life insurance. If you end up purchasing more than one service from them, you will most likely get a bundle discount. If your life changed, so should your insurance rate Many insurance companies offer discount for major events in your life. If you just got married, ask for any married couple discounts. If you just moved into a more urban city with public transportation and as a result you will drive less, mention this to your insurance firm. Know if you should stop paying for comprehensive and collision Comprehensive and Collision coverages are there to repair or replace your auto if it is stolen or damaged in an accident, regardless of who is at fault. The rule of thumb when it comes to comp and collision is that if you are paying more than 10% of your vehicle’s value then you should just assume the liability coverage. (Here’s a handy website to determine the value of your car). If your car is worth $8,000 and you are paying more than $800 on comp and collision coverages then you should not accept that charge. The exception being in the case that you can’t financially cover the loss of your vehicle, in which case you should still get comp and collision. Conclusion Hope you found this list of best car insurance companies useful. I hope that you make the best decision and that you drive safely and relieved knowing that you are insured with a policy that satisfies your needs. If you found this post useful, leave a comment and share it with a friend. Which insurance company do you use to protect your auto?

Biz kundalik turmushda aqlning amriga bo’ysunishimiz kerakmi yoki ko’ngilning aytganiga kirishimiz kerakmi?

There might be a situation where your car collides with another vehicle but it’s the other person’s fault.   What if they don’t have insurance? How will you pay for the replacements and repairs once they’re totaled? An Uninsured Motorist Property Damage or UMPD coverage can save you from those out-of-pocket costs.  Read on to understand how UMPD works and how it can help you out. about:blank What Is Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage (UMPD)? Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) coverage is car insurance that covers any damage on your vehicle caused by an uninsured driver.  UMPD also covers you if your car is involved in a hit-and-run. Although, in some states, the hit-and-run driver should be identified before you receive any payment. According to the Insurance Research Council, there’s around one uninsured out of eight drivers nationwide. However, there is a significant difference among different states.  New Jersey has the lowest percentage, around 3.1%, while Mississippi takes the first spot with 29.4% uninsured residents.  But if you have collision coverage, you can stack UMPD with it. Collision insurance pays for damages after you collided with another car or any property, regardless of who’s at fault.  For instance, if you hit a tree or cause an accident, you are to blame. Your collision coverage will cover the damages.  Whereas UMPD only covers you if an uninsured driver is responsible. However, take note that your collision insurance policy does not cover your items.  Another thing that you should know about UMPD is that it has a lower deductible than collision insurance. And based on recent research, the average claim payment for UMPD is around $1805. Difference Between Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury and Uninsured Motorist Property Damage When a collision occurs with an uninsured driver and bodily injuries are involved, your uninsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) coverage compensates for it. This includes yourself and any passenger in your vehicle.  Also, the limit for UMBI is equal to the limit on your liability coverage.  Other than covering your medical bills, UMBI may cover pain and suffering and lost wages or income. It also covers funeral expenses. You may be held liable for your medical bills if you do not have UMBI coverage. Other coverages, such as Medical Expenses, Personal Injury Protection, or your own health insurance, allows you to file a claim. UMPD, on the other hand, concentrates on covering the damage to your car caused by an uninsured driver who is at fault. In addition, the cap is usually set at $3,500. What Your UMPD Coverage Pays For Your uninsured motorist property damage can pay for whatever extra costs the other driver can’t pay for. This includes any physical property like residential or public property.  Here is a list of what your UMPD coverage can help you pay for: 1Diminished value of your car after repairs are made 2Damage to your residential property or other property 3Other costs that the uninsured driver can’t cover For example, your insurance policy covers uninsured motorist property damage for $10,000 with a $200 deductible. An uninsured motorist damaged your car worth $4,000 and ran away.  If you’re in a state where your UMPD covers hit-and-runs, your insurance will pay you $3,800 to repair your vehicle. This will leave you with a $200 deductible to pay. However, this is just an example of how it works if you have UMPD coverage. Having your UMPD stacked with other policies is a different scenario. When Do You Need UMPD Coverage? Uninsured motorist property damage coverage is deemed unnecessary by some states. And some policymakers do not offer it as a substitute for collision insurance.  So, here are instances of when you will need UMPD coverage:  1. If you live in a state where it’s required by law  Car insurance is mandatory in almost every state, but the types and amounts of insurance you need may vary.  Commonly, bodily injury liability insurance is required. But approximately half of the states have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage as requisite.  The usual charge of UMPD sums up to $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. This is the same as the liability coverage ceiling of most states. Here are eight states that need UMPD coverage on their car insurance: 1Maryland requires $15,000 of UMPD. This secures both uninsured and underinsured drivers, including hit-and-runs, even if the driver isn’t identified. 2New Hampshire will not require you to buy car insurance. But $25,000 of both UMPD and UIMPD is needed if they require it. 3North Carolina requires a UMPD limit of $25,000 with UIMPD if you acquire more than the minimum liability coverage limits.  4South Carolina required a UMPD of $25,000 that covers injury caused by an uninsured driver. The state mandates insurers to offer UIMPD as an option.  5Vermont will require a combination of UMPD and UIMPD amounting to $10,000. 6Virginia will not require you to buy car insurance. But $20,000 of both UMPD and UIMPD is needed if they require it. You must pay a deductible of $200 if the hit-and-run driver can’t be identified. 7Washington, D.C. requires a UMPD of $5,000 per accident. 8West Virginia will require you $25,000 of UMPD. This includes injury caused only by the uninsured driver. The state mandates insurers to offer UIMPD as an option.  2. If you want to be safeguarded from uninsured motorists  UMPD will pay for injury caused to your car by uninsured motorists. Some states also cover damages caused in the crash by underinsured drivers. In most states, uninsured motorist property damage coverage takes care of the expenses after a hit-and-run. Other states will only pay you if the driver is identified.  The United States has 13% of uninsured drivers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, that percentage rises to almost 30% in some states. Getting involved in accidents caused by uninsured drivers does not guarantee you free from expenses.  In addition to that, underinsured drivers may not have equal coverage to pay for a much larger scale of injuries and damages. 3. If you have a car that you have on lease Most leasing and financing companies, like banks and dealerships, necessitate that UMPD coverage is included in your insurance policy.  The lessor will enumerate specific requirements for the car insurance as protection to the leased vehicle. This typically includes the sum of uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. UMPD Coverage Limits and Exceptions Before applying for UMPD coverage, you should first understand the limits and exceptions. Even if you’re only considering it, it’s better to know how much you’re going to pay for.  Limits and Deductibles The coverage limit for UMPD is always a single number, and it is the maximum amount your coverage can pay for.  Additionally, you can choose specific limits in most states. However, some states limit coverage up to $3,500. Some states may have lower limits, while some may have higher limits. And some states may offer the actual value of the vehicle.  Your coverage limit is the maximum total payout for any property damaged in an accident. It’s up to you if you want to choose a higher limit. Your policy will cover you with that limit if an uninsured driver hits you. Usually, some deductibles come with the policy. This may also vary by your policymaker or state. For example, Virginia offers a UMPD deductible. You can decide to pay in cash.  But in general, UMPD deductibles may range from around $200 to $300.  Exceptions and Restrictions The Uninsured motorist (UM) coverage may vary from each state. There are UM policies that include UIM. But, UMPD is not always available. Some states do not offer UMPD and do not consider it as necessary compared to other policies.  Y​​our insurance provider will demand records and billings from all repairs and replacements made due to the accident.  Your policymaker will decline your claim if the charges you provided are unrelated or unnecessary to the accident. If you don’t agree with your insurance provider’s decision, the issue will transfer to binding arbitration. Wrapping up! With UMPD coverage, you won’t have to spend more money on repairs and replacements caused by an uninsured motorist. It puts your mind at ease that it will back you up on your claims as long as it’s within your policy limit. You just have to understand how it works and see if it’s necessary to stick with your current policy. Although, if you’re not getting it, make sure that you know which state UMPD is mandated. This is so that you won’t break any laws for not having enough coverage. If you want to learn more about auto insurances, check out these related articles: • Factors That Determine the Average Cost of Motorcycle Insurance • Clearcover Car Insurance Review – Is it Worth Buying?  • The 101 of Car Leasing (Plus the Mistakes You MUST Avoid) Share this with your relatives and friends to help them out with their car insurance. Don’t forget to comment down your thoughts and opinions about this article!

Ko’pincha o’zimga shunday savol berib ba’zan aql ustun degan to’xtamga, ba’zan esa qalb ustun degan to’xtamga kelardim. Yaqinda Javlon Jo’rayevning “O’zlik sari 7 qadam” kitobida ko’tarilgan egizak dunyolar – qalb va aql ustunligi borasidagi fikrlar e’tiborimni tortdi. Marhamat, siz ham o’qib ko’ring va xulosani o’zingiz chiqaring, ushbu fikrlarni hech qanday o’zgarishsiz taqdim qilmoqdaman.

If your car crashes into something, you are likely responsible for the damages. Paying for these and other legal fees should be the least of your concerns. Thus, you have to prepare for accidents that may happen if you own a vehicle. Secure property damage liability car insurance as soon as you buy your first ride.  about:blank The Coverage Benefits of Property Damage Liability Car Insurance House Liability Car Insurance If you crash into a house, you might have to pay for the damages to the structure. Worse, if people die because of it, you will have to compensate the deceased victim’s loved ones.  You also have to pay for injuries resulting from the accident. Property damage liability car insurance takes care of all these accidental compensations. Vehicle  If another car crashes into yours, you might still be responsible for the damage. It is usually the case regardless if it’s your fault or not. This situation may sound unfair.  But, no one can change the legality of taking responsibility for hitting another car. So, prepare in advance by getting property damage liability car insurance.  Trees  Even though trees are public properties, local governments have jurisdiction over them. Hitting these with your vehicle equates to destroying public property.  Thus, you’ll most likely have to pay for damages. Fortunately, your property damage liability car insurance can pay for these. Property Damage Insurance State Requirements  To ensure 100 percent protection, make sure to get the right policy for damage coverage. Most states in America need a certain amount to cover the damages from your car.  Also, you might want higher property damage insurance coverage. In some cases, you’ll have to shoulder out-of-pocket damage expenses. This is true if the damage costs are beyond your coverage’s limitation.  The Amount of Property Coverage that You Need To know the amount of property coverage you need, you’ll need to know the total value of your assets. Then, choose a policy that can cover possible damage expenses.  You can also increase your financial protection through these:  1. Uninsured Property Damage Insurance for Motorists  Suppose a driver hits your vehicle, and no insurance can cover the costs. In this case, this policy can shoulder your damage fees.  2. Uninsured Bodily Injury Insurance for Motorists  This insurance covers the expenses of medical services for driver and passengers’ injuries. This policy works great if the other driver does not have insurance. 3. No-Fault Insurance or Personal Injury Protection  This provides for your and the vehicle passengers’ medical treatment. Moreover, it applies regardless of whose fault it is. This insurance, though, is not accessible in all states in America. The Amount of Property Damage Liability Insurance  If you often drive on roads that many vehicles also take, you might have more risks of getting into accidents. In this case, you might need to pay a higher premium for property damage liability insurance. Also, states usually mandate the least policy amount. If you go over this, you might have to pay higher premiums as well.  Ways to File for a Claim for a Property Damage Liability Car Insurance This insurance only provides coverage if you crash into another vehicle. You should get the personal and contact information of the other car’s driver.  Give them your insurance provider’s name, contact information, and coverage number. Then, the other driver can file a claim to your insurance provider.  Do You Need Property Damage Liability Insurance?  Some of this car insurance coverage is necessary for all states. But, the policy types of premiums depend upon each state.  Some mandate personal injury protection insurance and uninsured protection for motorists. Moreover, your family members and other loved ones might often take road trips with you.  Thus, the premium amount of your insurance may also vary depending on the size of your family.  Bodily Liability Insurance: A Sub-kind of Property Damage Car Insurance  Liability Car Insurance Say a road crash injury stops someone from working and performing their job. If so, bodily liability insurance can provide for the survivor’s daily living expenses.  Additionally, this insurance pays for your legal fees if you’re at fault in a car accident. It can also compensate for the physical and emotional effects of the accident. Umbrella Policies of Property Damage Liability Car Insurance Your lifestyle might need higher policy coverage than your provider can offer. It is why you might want to consider getting an umbrella policy.  Umbrella insurances offer extra liability benefits. These can pay for your other insurances, such as home, auto, and boat insurances.  Also, these provide compensation coverages for injuries, property, and legal cases. Benefits Property Damage Insurance Doesn’t Cover Property damage insurance doesn’t provide compensation for your vehicle or possessions. Thus, you need to apply for a collision claim or policy with comprehensive coverages for your car.  Meanwhile, homeowner’s or renter’s insurance covers destroyed and damaged possessions.  Why is More Better than Fewer Benefits?  If you don’t notice a car behind you while driving out of a parking lot, chances are, you’ll hit it. Although it may result in minor damages, whoever looks at the situation will know who’s at fault.  It is why you need to have more benefits. You can never rule yourself out from causing accidents. If your insurance benefits can cover more damages costs, you might not have to pay for anything at all.  But, if the insurance payout is less than the total damage costs, you’ll have to pay for the other fees. Paying out-of-pocket can be hard to do, especially if your finances are tight.  Ways to Read Your Property Damage Insurance The following are the parts of a property damage car insurance you have to review: 1. Declarations Page  This page has your name, statement of policy period that’s covered, and the premium amount. The declarations page also has information on benefits coverage and the highest premium.  2. Insurance Agreement  This document contains the terms under which coverage is available.  3. Policy Conditions  These include your responsibilities once you consume the benefits that the insurance covers. Is a New Vehicle Covered?  Your insurance provider covers your new vehicle right away for around 20 days. This benefit depends on whether the car is a replacement or a new one.  A new car receives the same benefits as the one you own gets the highest benefits amount. A replacement car gets the same amount of protection as the vehicle it replaces.  Is Driving Another Person’s Car Makes You Covered?  If you’re driving a rental car, your car insurance will provide coverage. If you’re taking this car to work, though, you might not get covered.  For accidents with borrowed vehicles, the owner’s vehicle insurance provides protection. If the owner doesn’t own insurance and can’t pay for damages, your insurance can cover it.  Are You Covered if You’re Driving to Mexico?  American car insurance requirements are not in effect in Mexico. Some insurance providers offer partial protection for brief journeys to Mexico.  If you’re making a road trip to Mexico, get Mexican property damage car insurance instead. There are agents from Texas who offer Mexican car insurance for sale. Your agent can help you contact them. Property Damage Car Insurance for Young Motorists  You can add your drivers to your property damage car insurance account. Or, you can get individual coverage for your teen drivers.  Yet, adding young drivers to your insurance account is less expensive to do so. If your teen is the driver of their vehicle, the premium will depend on the worth of that vehicle.  Knowing How Premiums Work  Underwriting is the process insurance providers use to make insurance application decisions. It also tells them how much premium to charge.  Insurance providers consider factors in coming up with a premium amount. These include your driving history and claims record.  They also check where you keep your car, its model, and type. Additionally, providers consider how you use your vehicle and your credit score.  Your Liberty as a Car Insurance Holder  Your insurance provider cannot turn you down due to discriminatory factors. These include race, religion, and national origin.  Moreover, providers should not discriminate on age, gender, and civil status. Country of location, disability, and credit score are also discriminatory factors.  Your insurance provider can turn down an application if it poses a risk.  Save Funds on Your Car Insurance Some insurance companies offer premium discounts. If you know how to bargain for these, you can save on your car insurance.  After all, it is still money you can spend on other things. As you shop around for insurance, make sure to ask providers if they offer discounts and deals. Choose a provider that can get you the best deal.  Wrapping Up! It’s never easy to survive a vehicular accident. It can happen despite your utmost vigilance on the road and when you least expect it.  You can even be accountable even if it was not your fault. For these reasons, property damage liability car insurance got your back.  So, make sure to consult your vehicle care specialist to know your best options. 

Egizak dunyolar — aql va qalb mohiyati

Har bir shaxsiyat bir-birini to’ldirib turadigan ikki dunyodan iborat. Ularning ikkisi ham tashqi ko’rinishdan sizga juda o’xshaydi — bu ma’noda ular egizak. Ammo ularni astoydil o’rgansangiz — ular bir-biridan tubdan farq qilishiga amin bo’lasiz.
Qanaqa mujmal narsalar haqida gapiryapti deb hayron bo’lyapsizmi? Biroz sabr qiling — men sizga bu ikki egizak dunyoning yaralish tarixini aytib beraman. Shunda hammasi oydek ravshan bo’ladi.
Juda ko’pchiligimiz bolalikdan eshitib kelgan bir hikoya bor. Bu, albatta, Tangri insonni yaratgani haqidagi rivoyat. Men sizga aynan shu hikoyatni eslatmoqchiman — faqat e’tibor bering.
Xudo yer-u osmon, oy-u quyosh, o’simlig-u hayvonlarni yaratgach dunyo mukammalligi uchun yana bir mavjudotni yaratmoqni niyat qilibdi (hamma ezgu amallar tagida ezgu niyat turishi ana shundan boshlangan). U tuproqdan Odamning jismini yaratibdi va unga jon ato etish uchun o’z nafasidan ruh ya’ni qalb kiritibdi.
Shunda Tangri farishtalarni huzuriga chorlab, «Barchangiz Odam qarshisida ta’zim qilingiz!» deb buyuribdi. Barcha farishtalar Yaratganning cheksiz qudrati mevasi — Odam qarshisida bosh egibdilar. Birgina Iblis o’z mag’rurligi bois bundan bosh tortibdi. «Men olovdan (nurdan) yaralganman, bu esa qora tuproqdan binoga kelgan. Men o’zimdan quyi mavjudotga bo’yin egmayman» — debdi Iblis. Shunda Tangri «Ey Iblis, sen neniki bilgan bo’lsang men senga bildirgan narsalarnigina bilasan. Uqqan bo’lsang — men senga uqish imkonini bergan narsalarnigina uqqansan. Shunday ekan, mening cheksiz marhamatim oldida bosh eg!» — deb buyuribdi. Ammo Iblis qaysarlikni qo’ymabdi. Bu o’zbilarmonligiga jazo tariqasida Tangri shaytonni Jannatdan yer yuziga surgun qilibdi.
Odamzodni esa Jannatga hokim qilibdi. U Jannat bog’idagi hech bir mahluqotdan qo’rqmas ekan — chunki Xudoning amri bilan barcha jonzotlar bir- birlariga mehribon va g’arazsiz ekanlar. Unga Behishtning barcha ne’matlaridan bahramand bo’lish erkinligi berilibdi — faqat birgina mevani tanavvul qilish man etilibdi.
Odamga hamrohlik va dilkashlik qilishi uchun Tangri Havoni yaratibdi. Ikkisi Jannatda baxtli yashayotganini ko’ra olmagan Iblis ilon qiyofasida Jannatga kirib, Odam va Havoga yaqinlashibdi. «Sizga bu mevaga tegish nega man etilganini bilasizmi?» — debdi u, — «Agar siz bu mevadan yeb ko’rsangiz, siz Xudo bilgan narsalarni bilib olasiz, unikichalik qudratga ega bo’lasiz. Xudo buni istamaydi, shuning uchun u sizlarga bu mevani man etgan. Ishonmaysizmi? Undan bir dona yeb ko’ring».
Iblisning makriga ishongan Odam va Havo qiziquvchanlik qilib man qilingan mevadan uzib yeb ko’rishibdi. Meva og’zilariga tegishi bilan ularga aql- farosat bitib, o’z yalang’ochliklarini anglab uyalib, daraxt barglari bilan uyatli joylarini to’sib qolishibdi.
Odam va Havoga man qilingan meva — aql mevasi ekan…
Har birimizda ikki dunyo mujassam — qalb va aql. Ko’pincha ikkisi ziddiyatda. To’g’rirog’i — aql qalbga qarshi chiqib qoladi. Qalb — o’z-o’zicha mukammal dunyo. U ziddiyatga borishni, g’azablanishni, xafa bo’lishni, yomon ko’rishni bilmaydi. U faqat sevishni va ezgulikka intilishni biladi.
Biroq aql nuqsonlardan holi emas. U g’arazgo’y, arazgo’y, manfaatparast va kaltabin. Ha-ha — aql oxirini ko’ra bilmay ish qilishga usta. U mudom rejalar tuzadi, hisob-kitob qiladi, ishonadi, umid qiladi, istaydi, izlaydi — ammo uning aytganlari har doim ham to’g’ri chiqavermayd i. Chunki u — qalbchalik mukammal emas.
Barchamiz mukammal qalb bilan dunyoga kelamiz. Chaqaloqning aqli — oppoq qog’ozdek, unga hali hech narsa yozilmagan. Ammo bu uzoqqa bormaydi — yashash muhiti va ota-ona darhol qo’llariga qalam olib, o’z tushunchalaridan kelib chiqqan holda, bu oq qog’ozni yozuv bilan to’ldira boshlaydilar. Bu jarayon butun umr davom etadi — oila, maktab, jamiyat o’z haqiqatlarini kishi onggiga dastur tarzida kiritib boraveradi.
Siz-u biz shunchalar ishongan aql ana shunday shakllanadi.
Dunyoda bajarilishi shart bo’lgan bir qonun borki, uning oldida barchamiz ojizmiz. Bu, albatta, muvozanat qonuni. Odamzod ham o’ziga xos qarama- qarshiliklar to’plami — bir yoqda ezgulik mayog’i bo’lmish qalb tursa, boshqa tomonda manfaat ta’qibchisi — aql turadi.
Hech o’ylab ko’rganmisiz — nima uchun aqlsiz jonzotlar Oxirzamonda ajrsiz Jannatga kiritiladi? Nima uchun telba odamni ko’pincha begunoh banda deyishadi? Chunki ularda aql yo’q. Biz odamlar aqlimizga ishonib, shu darajaga yetganmizki, o’zimizni Tangrining boshqa mavjudot-u mahluqotlaridan yuqori hisoblaymiz. To’g’rida, axir, odamni hayvon bilan tenglashtirish — gunohi azim. Shundaymikan?..
Aqlsiz hayvon faqat qorni ochsa yoki o’zi va nasli hayotiga xavf tug’ilsagina boshqa jonzotni o’ldiradi. Ongli inson esa — shunchaki, maroq uchun ham o’ldiraveradi (ovga chiqmaganmisiz?). Aqlsiz hayvon faqat mavsumi kelib, nasl qoldirish zarurati bo’lgandagina jufti bilan qovushadi. Ongli odam bo’lsa istagan paytda istagancha shahvoniy lazzatga beriladi.
Hayvonlarning, va umuman — har qanday tirik jonzotning ham ruhi — qalbi bor. Ular ham Tangrining buyuk qudrati mevasi. Dunyoda bir mavjudot qolganlaridan yuqori qilib yaratilmagan. Muqaddas bitiklarda bu borliqdagi ne’matlar inson hayotini farovon etish uchun yaratilgani aytiladi. Bunday ta’kidni o’zini «koinot markazi» deb bilgan odamzod juda xato tushungan. Bunda Yaratganning marhamatini ko’ra bilish va unga shukr keltirishga ishora etilgan aslida. Buni qarangki, o’sha biz o’zimizdan quyi deb bilgan mavjudotlar bizsiz yashay oladi (yovvoyi tabiatni nazarda tutsak) — biz esa ularsiz yashay olmaymiz. Ular bizga emas — biz ularga qay darajadadir tobemiz.
Ko’pchiligimiz aql va qalb tushunchalarini farqlashga qiynalamiz. Misol uchun «aqldan ozgan» iborasini qanday tushunasiz? Sizningcha, aqldan ozgan odam pichoq olib, o’ng-u so’lda hammani so’yib yurishi mumkinmi?
Aslida bunday odamning aqli ishdan chiqmagan — balki uning qalbi tamoman ko’mib tashlangan. Odamda uni xatti-harakatga undovchi ikki kuch bor — biri qalb, boshqasi aql. Ko’p hollarda kishi ko’ngli istagan narsasini aqli xohlamaydi (ko’ngil muzqaymoq yegisi keladi — ammo aql tomoq og’rib qolishi xavf ini sabab qilib buni rad etadi). Yoki ko’ngil istamagan narsani aql xohlaydi (ko’ngil shu odam bilan baxtli bo’lol masligini, uni sevolmasligini his etib, u bilan turmush qurishni istamaydi — ammo aql bu odamning badavlatligini ko’rib bunga rozi bo’ladi). Bunday mayda va ba’zida, katta ikkilanishlar hammamizda bo’ladi.
Afsuski, qalb va aql bahsida ko’pincha aql ustun keladi. Ba’zi odamlar ko’ngillariga qarshi kurashda shu darajaga borib yetadiki, ularning qalbi qattiq arazlab «o’z g’ilofiga o’ralib» oladi. Bunda aql «yakka hukmron»ga aylanadi va bosar-tusarini bilmay qoladi. Ruhan hastalar ana shunday yetishib chiqadi.
Bunda taxminan shunday holat ro’y beradi. Aql va qalb degan ikki bolakay bor. Ular dunyo degan katta uyda yashashadi va har kuni hayot degan o’yin o’ynashadi. Ammo har kuni bu o’yinning qoidalarini aql belgilaydi. Bo’lmasamchi — axir, u hamma narsani biladi. Ko’ngil esa o’z istaklarini aql buyruqlariga qarshi aytolmaydi — axir, u juda ko’ngilchan. Bordi-yu aytsa ham, aql uni darhol koyib beradi. Oxir oqibat aqlning fe’lidan zerikkan qalb o’ynagisi kelmay qoladi va bir burchakka qisilib, jim o’tiraveradi.
Bekorga psixiatrlar o’z bemorlarini ko’ngliga yo’l topishga harakat qilmaydilar. Ular o’yin davomida qattiq arazlab yoki qo’rqib ketganidan katta uyning bir burchagiga berkinib olgan bolakayni topishlari kerak. Agar ular shu bolakayni topib, uni yupatib, unga shirinlik berib, uni avrab gapirtirib, yana o’yinga qaytara olishsa — bemor tuzaladi.
Yuqorida aytilgan fikrlardan kimdir aql insonni faqat yomon qilmishlarga undar ekan deb xulosa qilishi mumkin. Men aql buyurgan har qanday ish xato demoqchimasman. Faqat shuni esdan chiqarmaslik kerakki, aql nimani istamasin, buning ortida ilojsiz qandaydir manfaat yotadi. Bu qanday manfaat ekanini idrokning o’zi ham anglamasligi mumkin.
Dunyo shunday ajoyib tuzilganki, unda manfaatga erishishning eng samarali yo’li — manfaatsiz ish qilish. Qalbingiz doim hech bir manfaat ortidan quvmagan narsani buyuradi. Yo’q, to’g’rirog’i, uning yagona manfaati — bu uning istagi.
Bunga yana yangi tug’ilgan chaqaloqni misol qilish mumkin. Uning hali ongi shakllanmagan. U istagan narsasini qiladi — ya’ni ko’ngli istagan narsani. Och qolsa — yig’laydi, to’ysa — uxlaydi. U o’z qalbi istagidan boshqa narsalarning ortidan quvmaydi. Shuning uchun unga hamma narsa beriladi — mehr, e’tibor, yashash uchun sharoit. Bolaligim — podsholigim degani bejiz emas, axir. Bolalikdagi bizning tengsiz hokimiyatimiz siri — hech bir manfaatsiz, faqat ko’ngil amriga bo’ysunib qadam tashlashimizdadir.
Ammo kattalar o’zlariga e’tiborni talab qilib o’rganishgan — bunga ularni aqllari undaydi. To’g’ri-da, ularning bu dunyoda o’z o’rnilari bor, shunga yarasha atrofdagilar ularga hurmat ko’rsatishsin. Lekin aynan shu e’tibor talablik ortidan biz ko’pincha e’tibordan chetda qolamiz.
O’ylab ko’rsa, odamdagi har qanday salbiy jihat — bu aqlning mevasi. Nafrat, jirkanish, g’urur, kibr, hasad, rashk, gina kabi tuyg’ular; xudbinlik, xasislik, tortinchoqlik, shoshqaloqlik, o’zbilarmonlik kabi fe’l-atvor jihatlari aql faoliyati natijasi. Hayvonlarga bu narsalar begona — sher kiyikni yemoqchi bo’lib quvganda unga nisbatan na g’azab va na nafrat his etadi. Ammo biz bu holatni ko’rsak, sherga nisbatan g’azab, kiyikka nisbatan achinish tuyg’usini his etamiz. Nima ham qilardik — ongimiz shunaqa tuzilgan. U har doim hamma narsaga o’z bahosini berishga ko’nikib qolgan.
Hech qachon hayotda xato qilishdan qo’rqmang — xato qilmaslik uchun hech narsa qilmaslik kerak. Hech bir odam xato ishlardan sug’urta qilinmagan — beayb Parvardigor. Biroq xatoning oldini olishning birgina muhim tamoyili bor: har qanday qaror qabul qilinishida qalbingiz ishtirok etsin. Agar biror ishga ahd qilsangiz-u, ko’nglingiz bu qaroringizdan notinch bo’lsa — bu ishdan voz kechganingiz ma’qul.
Hammasi shunchalar oson — ham qiyin. Qiyinligi shundaki, odamlar o’z qalbiga quloq solish qobiliyatini yo’qotib bormoqdalar va yuqoridagi tavsiyalar amaliy foyda bermasligi mumkin.
Bilasizmi, aql va qalb — ko’pincha har xil narsani istaganlari bilan — bir maqsadni, ya’ni sizning farovonligingizni ko’zlaydilar. Faqat aql bunda ustunlikka intilaveradi. Aslida esa qaror qabul qilishga qalb ixtisoslashgan — aql esa bu qarorni amalga oshirish yo’llarini izlash bilan shug’ullangani ma’qul. Agar vazifalar shunday taqsimlanishiga erisha olinsa, hayotda inson afsuslanadigan narsalar deyarli qolmaydi.
Aql bilan qalbni do’stlashtiring — ular ittifoqqa kirishsa, siz bu dunyoda qila olmaydigan ish bo’lmaydi.
Ko’pchiligimiz birovning aqllilik darajasini uning bilimdonligi bilan o’lchaymiz. Ammo aql — bu bilim, bilim esa — bu aql emas. Aqlli odam bilimsiz bo’lishi, bilimli odam aqlsiz bo’lishi mumkin (bunga hayron bo’lmang). Qadimgilar bizdan oz narsa bilishgan, lekin shu oz bilimdan ham unumli foydalanib yashashgan. Biz, axborot asri odamlari, ulardan ancha ko’proq narsani bilamiz — ammo shundayam aqliy faoliyatda ajdodlarimizchalik bo’lolganimiz yo’q.
Bilimga aqlsiz ham ega bo’lish mumkin. Sherdan qochayotgan kiyik yirtqich unga yetib olsa, uning hayoti barham topishini biladi — garchi buni anglamasa ham. Bu bilimni unga qalbi yetkazadi. Bu bilimni unga tabiat ato etgan.
Aslida qalb dunyo bilimlari maydoniga to’g’ridan-to’g’ri ulana oladi. Ko’ngilning bu qobiliyatidan boshqa jonzotlar ustalik bilan foydalanadilar. Inson esa aqliga tayanib atrof dunyoni o’rganishga shu darajada ko’nikib ketganki, buni qalbi orqali amalga oshirish qobiliyatini sustlashtirib qo’ygan.
Intuitsiya (qalb bilimi) shu darajada to’g’ri ishlaydiki, ko’pchiligimiz bunga shaxsan amin bo’lganmiz va buni rad eta olmaymiz. Biror ishga ko’nglingiz bo’lmasa, biror joyga oyog’ingiz tortmasa yoki ichingizda nimadir sizga biror ishni buyurib qolsa — siz bilan qalbingiz so’zlashyapti demak. Ona farzandi uzoq safardan qaytayotganini sezib turadi. Ba’zi odamlar esa o’z hayotlari poyoniga yetayotganini avvaldan bilib, bunga tayyorgarlik ko’ra boshlaydilar.
Qalb bilishi mumkin bo’lgan narsalar na vaqtda va na fazoda cheklangan bo’ladi. Aqlga esa ma’lumot olish uchun vosita kerak (ko’z, quloq va boshqa sezgi organlari kabi). Ko’ngil bilmagan narsani aql bilishi mumkin emas — ammo aql bilmaganini qalb biladi. Intuitiv bilimlar shuning uchun har doim to’g’ri bo’ladi.
Bu dunyoda boshqalardan ko’proq yoki ozroq biladigan odam yo’q — har birimizda cheksiz bilim manbai — qalbimiz bor. Dunyo degan muallimdan saboq olib, qalb degan darslikdan ko’proq mutolaa qilib tursak — baxt uchun ana shu yetarli.
Gaplarim xuddi telbalikni targ’ib qilayotgandek tuyulishi mumkin. Ammo mening maqsadim sizda aqldan voz kechish istagini uyg’otish emas. To’g’ri, telba odam baxtli yashaydi, chunki u g’am-tashvishni bilmaydi, anglamaydi. Ammo, unutmangki, u baxtli hayot kechirayotganini ham anglay olmaydi.
Hayvon va o’simliklarning buyukligi shundaki, ular o’z buyukliklarini bilmaydilar va undan mag’rurlanmaydilar. Bizning baxtimiz shundaki, biz hayotimizning baxtli onlarini idrokan his eta olamiz, bunga shukrona keltira bilamiz. Balki, bizning yagona buyukligimiz ham ana shundadir…

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